What’s happening in the Silver Isles?

Until the last year, as a reader, I was never really drawn to mermen. My favorite m/m romances were actually shifter mpreg books, and I have yet to write a full shifter mpreg book. *shrugs

Then, I started seeing all kinds of delicious pictures of mermen on Facebook, and starting digging for m/m mermen books.

My Silver Isles trilogy was born. Now, book one, The Guppy Prince, released November 2019 and The Not so Little Merman, released March 2020. Now I CAN’T WAIT to share book three, The Sea Witch. It should be out late May/early June 2020, and will conclude the overarching plot of the Sea Witch’s curse.

When I started writing the series, I planned on each book in the series focusing on one of the three kingdoms in the Silver Isles. I fully envisioned the Southern Silver Isles, but the other two were still a little vague in my mind. The southern isles have a definite Caribean feel to them. The merfolk wear sarongs to make shifting into their merform easy and detest shoes. The food… oh damn, the food. I have a little too much fun writing about food. The royal family is also a fun mix in the Southern Silver Isles. The king and queen are emotionally distant and have thirteen children. I won’t spoil book one by giving more details.

What I didn’t expect when I started the series, was that I would come to love the other two kingdoms just as much as I did the Southern Silver Isles. The Northern Silver Isles are wild and a bit rough. They were definitely inspired by Scotland and Ireland and have a hidden beauty that completely drew me in. I enjoyed Julie Garwood and Hannah Howell historical romances when I was younger, and this book allowed me to revisit them a bit. You really should read book two in the series!!! 

The Kingdom of the Deep is still a bit of a mystery, but it’s taking form. I recently wrote a Silver Isles short story titled “A Mate from the Deep” and got to explore this new kingdom a bit. The city is called Wildebreak Hold and is almost completely underwater. I can already tell it’s going to be a fun challenge to write about. Book three will take place mostly underwater. 

Anyway, Wildebreak Hold is already taking over my dreams, and book three is outlined and awaiting my attention. I love being a writer. 

The Silver Isles series link: http://mybook.to/TheSilverIsles

“A Mate from the Deep” will be available on Amazon soon. It is book 2.5 in the Silver Isles series and is currently free on Prolific Works as part of a giveaway. However, that ends tomorrow, April 27th. I’ll update my post here when it is on Amazon.

The Sea Witch’s Curse

Centuries ago, the three kingdoms of The Silver Isles were completely at peace. The Northern Silver Isles was a rocky and cold kingdom full of hearty shark tailed merfolk. The Southern Silver Isles, in contrast, was warm and lush, its people a variety of tropical fish tailed merfolk. In the middle of the isles was the Kingdom of the Deep. It was a large city above a deep trench that split the Northern and Southern kingdoms apart. The city of Wildebreak Hold was beautiful and wealthy, having long been a trading hub in the Atlantic.

At those times, the Northern and Southern kingdoms were led by kings and the Kingdom of the Deep was led by the Sea Witch. The Sea Witch was Goddess blessed and one of the most powerful witches in the world. She held all the power of the oceans and could use it to destroy a sea kingdom in an instance, or heal the waters around her from all pollution and corruption. Her primary duty, however, was to guard a monstrous beast imprisoned at the bottom of the trench.

Then, the peace between the three kingdoms ended. Sea Witch Adriane’s own brother sat upon the throne of the Southern Silver Isles, while her fated mate ruled the Northern Silver Isles. This should have bonded the kingdoms together. Instead, the two kings let their greed and envy control them. They made a foolish pact to overthrow the Sea Witch and take her city and wealth.

The southern king was her trusted family and was welcome in her kingdom at any time. The northern king was her fated mate, one that Adriane loved dearly. The two kings used their bonds to lure the Sea Witch from the protection of her city and her private guards. Then, together, they used surprise to their advantage and murdered her.

Aching from the betrayal, as she died, the Sea Witch cursed both men.

Any mer of her brother’s bloodline that chose to rule the Southern Silver Isles would always suffer a violent betrayal within his family. For centuries, tragedy befell each generation of the Rees family. Fathers killed their children, and royal heirs killed their parents and siblings.

As for the northern king, he betrayed his mate. His loving touch drew her in to her death, so the Sea Witch’s curse ensured that any born of his bloodline would be unable to touch any living creature without causing horrendous pain. Only their fated mate’s love could end the curse, but while the Muir family would hear the mating call, their mates would not. For centuries, tragedy befell anyone in the Muir family that attempted to woo their mate and break the curse.

As for the Kingdom of the Deep, when the Sea Witch cursed her enemies, she lost the Goddess’s trust, her beautiful city sank to the bottom of the ocean, and her beloved people were cursed. Merfolk are a people of the sea and the land, but all citizens of the Deep were cursed to only be able to hold their human forms for a short period of time. For centuries, the tentacle tailed merfolk from the Deep have lived in a dark, sunken city far from the sun.

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  1. I love this series. I wasn’t expecting to like 2 as much as 1, no real reason. But I loved it more. It’s my favorite. I read it twice… and will read it again. I’m very impatient for more.

  2. Hey! I love this series so much and can’t wait to read The Sea Witch’s Curse!
    When do you think it’ll be released?(not rushing just wanna know)????

    • Hi! I’m glad you like it. 🙂 I’m hoping The Sea Witch will be out by the 21st, but I’m still working on it, so I’m not sure. I’ve had a hard time focusing the last few weeks. I’ll try to keep you all updated.


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