What’s happening in Hobson Hills?

The Hobson Hills Omega series is my I need to take a break and relax series to work in. Usually. I love the series and don’t plan to end it anytime soon. Last year, 2019, I wrote five novellas and four short stories in the series. This year I have at least four novellas planned. The first for this year will be book eight, Convincing the Alpha. It is currently with my editor and will release soon.

*squeals in happiness

Ever since I published book one, Falling for the Omega, I’ve had readers asking about Noah, Elijah’s little brother. He went through some rough times and more than deserves his happily ever after. He’s always been in the back of my mind as I’ve written other stories as I’ve searched for his special person. I’ve mentally matched him with every non-related person in Hobson Hills, but I was never quite satisfied. Until Zed Ames came into the picture. 

Noah is a very smart, capable, and sweet alpha. He’s young, introverted, and a loyal friend. He would have made any omega a good alpha, but an omega wasn’t what he needed. Juan and his friends call him little alpha and in a lot of ways, that nickname fits him well. His inexperience with the good things in life give him a vulnerable air even if he is more than able to care for himself and help protect his friends. He needed someone special.

Zed Ames is an alpha that is familiar with taking care of other people. He has a younger brother that he practically raised and a newly discovered brother that he can’t way to get to know. He also has two nieces he adores. What he doesn’t have is a person of his own. Someone that he can take care of, but who can also care for him when it’s needed. He’s a big, old nuturer. He fits with Noah in a way that all the other omegas I tried to shove at him didn’t. 

I really can’t wait for you all to read Convincing the Alpha. I hope it lives up to your expectations for Noah’s happily ever after.

Besides book eight, I have three other books planned for the year. The next will be (probably) Sheriff McKenzie’s book. This book wasn’t even on my radar, but a few comments in my Facebook group, C.W. Gray’s Reading Nook, sparked some ideas, and now that man is getting his book, lol. After that, Cain will likely get his story. That particular one may change a little. I’m having ideas and I’ll have to see where they fall when it comes time to write the book. Finally, in December, Fernando (Mateo’s little brother from book five) will get a full book. I’m really excited for this one too and will give you all more details later. 

As for short stories in the Hobson Hills Omegas series, I have some ideas, but they all depend on time. I really do love this series and have so many plans for it beyond this year. 

Hobson Hills Omegas series link: http://mybook.to/HHOseries

Hobson Hills Shorts: Volume One link: http://mybook.to/HHOShortsVolumeOne

“Zoe’s Happily Ever After” is a slice of life extra short story. It is offered for free on Prolific Works. https://claims.prolificworks.com/free/zLF6YGV1

Reading Order:

Year One: series starts in the fall of the year

  • Falling for the Omega
  • Snow Kisses for my Omega

Year Two:

  • “The Beta’s Love Song”
  • Romancing the Omega

Year Three:

  • “Bennett’s Dream” (starts in year two but carries into year three)
  • Healing the Omega

Year Four: Why do I overlap so many timelines? Why? Grrrr!

  • “Justin’s Journey”
  • A Pint for the Omega
  • Unraveling the Omega
  • “Grey’s Gift”
  • The Alpha’s Christmas Wish
  • “Zoe’s Happily Ever After”

Year Five:

  • Convincing the Alpha (Coming Soon – starts in year four and carries over into year five)

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  1. Really enjoy this series. It’s my go to light and fluffy. You’re a brilliant writer and I love everything you’ve written so far

  2. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve reread these books and short stories. I’ve already done a full reread thru preparing for Convincing. I love this blurb. I already love this book. Just waiting…

  3. I love the Hobson Hills Omegas Books
    I can‘t wait for the other ones
    I like the fluffiness and Reading them always make me smile


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