What lies ahead for 2021?

It’s the time of year that most of us start thinking about what lies ahead in the new year. It’s been hard for me to think too hard these past few months since I’ve been struggling to write.

Now, though, I’m feeling that wonderful excitement starting to build. Thinking about upcoming stories and playing scenes over and over in my mind has me itching to write more than ever. 

There are several projects I’m looking forward to completing next year. Here’s what I’m hoping to accomplish in 2021:

  • The Sea Witch will temporarily end The Silver Isles series. I will revisit The Silver Isles in the future, but Marlowe’s book closes out the story of the three curses. I adore this world I created and can do so much more within it, so I can’t bring myself to completely close it. In fact, two characters that I’ve wanted to get their happily-ever-after are Finbar and Finch from book two, The Not so Little Merman. They will be moving into my next mm paranormal romance series, Haverdell, which takes place in the same book world as The Silver Isles and Holiday Omegas.
  • The Haverdell series will carry on the overarching story that The Sea Witch leads into. Finch will be one of the main characters of book 1 and Finbar will have a short story with book 1.5. I’m very much looking forward to this series. Haverdell is a kingdom in the northern Pacific that is unique in that it accepts and encourages interspecies mating and marriages. In the distant past, those who were persecuted for mating outside their species moved to Haverdell, establishing a mish-mash of a kingdom that is far more tolerant of differences than the rest of the world. Shifters, Witches, Vampires, and more live together in relative peace. Finch’s mate is a forest witch with a fox familiar and has a raccoon shifter as a best friend. How exciting is that?!? I’m hoping to get through books 1, 1.5, and 2 in 2021.
  • Next year I will be focusing on Leif and Burkhart in the Holiday Omegas series, starting with “Muddy Paws and a Fae’s Wings.” I’ve had trouble finishing their story on time for the holiday it was meant for. Right now, I’m rewriting it to suit Imbolic and Valentine’s Day. I’ve wanted to write a Fae character for a while, and Leif is adorable. I plan on at least having two short stories / novellas for them next year, but hopefully four. This series is meant to be my fun holiday inspiration, so I don’t want to make it a chore.
  • One more update for the mm paranormal genre! I’ll be starting another mm paranormal romance series that takes place within the Silver Isles and Haverdell world. I know, I know. I really needed another series, right? His Winter Mate is book 1 of The Featherwood Pack, and let me just say, I freaking LOVE this first couple. One main character is a demisexual alpha wolf that leads his pack. The other main character is a Jackalope omega that likes to brew whiskey and has two Bassett hounds for pets. There’s an arranged marriage, a surprise groom switch, and all the joy of a predator/prey shifter romance. I will actually have book one finished soon, so it will come out early 2021. I’m hoping to have another come out next year, but we’ll see where it goes. This series’ plot won’t be connected to either Haverdell or the Silver Isles, and I’m aiming for word lengths of 45,000 – 50,000 for each book.
  • Okay, enough paranormal and onto Sci-fi/fantasy. Next year I will be writing at least one more book in the Charybdis Station series. At least. I want to do a full book for Selene and Parker which will be my first full m/f romance book. I don’t see myself suddenly slipping into writing m/f often, but Selene is one of my favorite characters, and I really think I can have fun writing her story, Selene’s Rules for Wooing a Mate. If I am able to write another book in this series next year, it will likely be Rune and Silas. I have plans for Wolfe, Noe, Shae, and others, but they’re still percolating, so I’m going to focus on Selene and Silas first.
  • One reason I won’t be getting too many books written in Charybdis Station, is because I will finally be starting The Green Solace OR The Crellic Revival. I hope to complete two books in one of these series next year. With The Green Solace, book one would be Cas’s book. With The Crellic Revival, book one would be Xav’s book. I’m fighting myself not to just write book one in both of these series. I have to pick one and it’s HARD. Feel free to comment below and tell me which one you would like.
  • Hobson Hills Omegas time! This particular series is definitely speaking to me right now, so I’m hoping to have FOUR books in this series completed next year. Sheriff Mac’s book, Cain’s book, Henry’s book, and Griff’s book. Those may change up as I write, but that’s the plan. I still need to work Fernando and his sexy Marine in there somewhere too, so who knows?
  • I will also continue to work on my Chloe Gray series, A Little Bit of Perfect, as I’m able. I’m close to finishing Tobias and Beau, and would at least like to get one more out next year. This is a series that I can see going on for a while with new characters, so as long as I’m enjoying writing age play, books will keep coming in this series. I do plan on making them a little longer since many of you have said you would love that. 🙂
  • Finally, I have a bit of a surprise series, to you and me both. There is a non-shifter mpreg series that I’ve been planning for a while but haven’t managed to find the time to even contemplate starting. I’ve talked to a good friend about it and we’ll be co-authoring this series. That takes half the work off of me and is already looking to be a fun experience. We’ve already made a loose summary outline for all four books and a detailed outline for book one. Each book will be about 16 chapters and that’s all I’ll say right now. I’m sooooo looking forward to this experience and can’t wait to tell you more about it later on. We’ll be alternating chapters and, ideally, can get each book out quickly. However, we’ll be working at our own pace and only writing one chapter each per week. It may take months, but four books will be written!!!

Okay, so that’s a lot of books when I lay it out like that, but I’m going to do my best to get those done/started next year. If I have time for more, that would be great, but this is a lot already. I wish there were five more of me because I have a book about Bowan and Laurie from my sci-fi book world floating around in my head that I would love to get to.

However, I’ve learned over this past year, that sometimes my brain needs a creative break and I have to be able to let myself take that break. In the long run, I’ll be more successful than if I just push through. 

So, here’s the layout again of my very, very TENTATIVE writing schedule for 2021. Note there are no dates, because I’m letting myself write what I want whenever I want:

  • The Sea Witch, book 3 – The Silver Isles
  • His Winter Mate, book 1 – The Featherwood Pack
  • Title TBA, book 2 – The Featherwood Pack Maybe
  • Title TBA, book 1 – Haverdell
  • Title TBA, book 2 – Haverdell
  • “Muddy Paws and a Fae’s Wings,” book five – Holiday Omegas short stories
  • “Title TBA,” book six – Holiday Omegas short stories
  • Selene’s Rules for Wooing a Mate, book 3 – Charybdis Station
  • Title TBA, book 1 – The Green Solace OR The Crellic Revival
  • Title TBA, book 2 – The Green Solace OR The Crellic Revival
  • Tobias and Beau, book 3 – A Little Bit of Perfect (Chloe Gray series)
  • Title TBA, book 4 – A Little Bit of Perfect (Chloe Gray series)
  • Snowflake Kisses and Warm Winter Wishes, book 10 – Hobson Hills Omegas (Henry’s book)
  • Title TBA, book 11 – Hobson Hills Omegas (Griff’s book) Maybe
  • The Sheriff’s Omega, book 12 – Hobson Hills Omegas (Sheriff Mac’s book)
  • Admiring His Omega, book 13 – Hobson Hills Omegas (Cain’s book)

Co-author Books:

  • Surprise series, book 1
  • Surprise series, book 2
  • Surprise series, book 3
  • Surprise series, book 4

I’ll update you all as things progress. Enjoy the new year and take care of yourself! 


20 thoughts on “What lies ahead for 2021?”

  1. I’m OK with switching from Green Solace to Crellic Revival. I understand that means that book 2, etc. of each series would probably not come out till 2022.

  2. Thank you so much for the updates. Hobson Hills is one of my favorite series. I can’t even read them just once. Now I have a something to look forward to.
    Thank you for thinking of us and sharing your amazing talent.
    Wishing you a happy and healthy new year.

  3. I’m am so pleased to have so many great books to look forward to this year. The two things that stick out for me the most is Selene’s book and The Green Solace.
    Selene has been there all the way from the beginning and deserves a happy ending just like her best buddies. And she is such an entertaining character. ?
    I want to read The Green Solace books before The Crellic books, Cas needs his story next–just because. ?
    Have a Happy New Year. ?

  4. Oh wow that’s a lot of books to look forward to.

    I’m glad you’ve taken the time you’ve needed this year. It’s been extremely difficult.

    All the best for the New Year and now I’m sneaking off to see who Henry is in HH.

  5. I can not wait to read Tobias and Beau’s story. I need to see what happens and how things work out. Thank you for all your writing.

  6. This is so freaking exciting. You have such a way with your writing that just pulls us up in the worlds and people you create. I don’t even have to read the blurbs because I already know I’m going to love it. 2021 is going to be your year! ❤️

  7. I am sooo excited!!! since I discovered your books a year ago I am obesessed and you have become one of my favorite authors! Your books always make me smile and are my comfort! So I can’t wait and try not to be too impatient 😉

  8. I love the Blue Solace & Charybdis Station series the best! Having said that, I’m so excited about Selene & Parker’s and Rune & Silas’ books!! Can’t wait. Also, as much as I want Xav’s series I want Cass’s series more!! Not only do I read them over and over but I have all the audio books too!! I love all your books but these are my faves. Can’t wait to see what you’ll dream up next ?

  9. I am so excited for Selene’s book! I love this series so much and can’t wait for the spin offs too. But I’ve been waiting tans hoping to get her and Parker’s story! Yay!

  10. I’ve never written a comment before but I really wanted to express my gratitude for the Sci-Fi you write. Sci-Fi and M/M are two of my favorite genres and they so seldom come together. I mean real science fiction space opera kind of stuff not fantasy or paranormal of which there are gigabytes.
    I’m truly looking forward to more set in the Charybdis Station universe and am very excited to hear that Cas’s story may happen soon. I’m also pleased to hear that Wolfe and Shae are being considered as they are two of my favorite characters. I agree that Selene does deserve a story of her own and an occasional departure into M/F doesn’t hurt.
    Thanks again for the Sci-Fi


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