The Silver Isles Trilogy

A few months ago, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and pictures of mermen kept catching my eye. First, there was an adorable picture by Andrea Lepre on DeviantArt of a redheaded, husky merman kissing a sailor.

Then, the wonderfully talented Sarah Jo Chreene posted an original painting of a cute, blue-haired merman.

Long story short, my curiosity was peaked. I headed to Pinterest and started looking for mermen and before I knew it, I had a merman trilogy outlined. 

The Silver Isles Trilogy is the story of three kingdoms finally overcoming hatred, prejudice, and curses to join together to protect the world. It’s also a trilogy that will lead into a longer paranormal m/m romance series. 

It all starts with the Guppy Prince, a young merman that discovers his mate is a human. I’ll keep you all updated and post teasers in my facebook group, C.W. Gray’s Reading Nook.

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