Optimistic Publishing Plan for 2020

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I have plans for 2020! Now that I’m writing full-time, I have a lot I want to accomplish. Below is my very tentative publishing plan for 2020. I’m looking forward to providing many new books for you all. Here’s to hoping I can stay on schedule, lol. 

Primary Focus:

January – The Rebel’s Mate, book 7 in the Blue Solace

February – The not so little Merman, book 2 in The Silver Isles AND “Candy Hearts and a Witch’s Ring,” book 3 in Holiday Omegas AND “Fernando’s Marine,” Hobson Hills shorts

March – Coaxing the Alpha (tentative title), book 8 in Hobson Hills Omegas (Noah’s book)

April – Death’s Mate, Rune and Silas, and Fire’s Mate, Charybdis Station Novellas 1-3

May – The Sea Witch, book 3 in The Silver Isles AND “Carrot Cake and a Witch’s Family,” book four in Holiday Omegas

June – Untiltled, book 1 in The Crellic Revival trilogy

July – Untitled, book 1 in the Haverdell trilogy

August – Untitled, book 9 in Hobson Hills Omegas (Sheriff McKenzie’s book)

September – Untitled, book 1 in The Green Solace series (Cas’s book)

October – Untitled, book 2 in the Haverdell trilogy AND Untitled, book 5 in Holiday Omegas

November – Untitled, book 1 in the Myrtlewood B&B trilogy

December – Untitled, book 10 in Hobson Hills Omegas (Fernando’s book) AND Untitled, book 6 in Holiday Omegas

Additional stories as I have time:

1). Cozy Mystery novellas 1-5, co-authored

2). More Charybdis Station Novellas

3). More Hobson Hills Shorts

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12 thoughts on “Optimistic Publishing Plan for 2020”

  1. Oh I want them all! Just remember, things don’t always go according to plan and your muse may scream for you to do one over another. Whatever you write, in whatever order, however long it takes, we will be here waiting. Just make sure that while your doing all this writing you take some time for you and life. Memories matter and so does your well being. ❤️

  2. I am so excited for “The Not so Little Merman” I have been checking kindle like 2 times a week hoping to see it pop up!! I love all of your writing and can’t wait to read more😄

    • That makes me happy to hear! I am finishing it up now and handing it off to an editor. I’m a little behind schedule, but it should be out in the next two weeks. 😁

        • Hi! I submitted it to Amazon on 03/20, but they’ve been delayed for the past couple of weeks. Hopefully it will go live soon. 😢

  3. Love all your series. Just reread Hobson Hills and Blue Solace series. So good I had to buy them not just rent them on KU. I saw your tentative schedule so I could know when Death’s Mate comes out and wow you tried to get something out every month. That’s ambitious and sounds utterly exhausting. I love your books and although am excited for more, I’m glad your actual schedule isn’t close to your tentative one. We love your characters and books…we’ll wait. I promise.

    • Thank you! I always like having a plan, but life has a tendency to screw around with it. I am finishing up Death’s Mate now and if my editor and Amazon are kind, it will be available early June. 😁


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