January – 2021 – Works in Progress

I hope the new year has started right for you all. I’ve gotten the writing bug and am working on a few different projects this month. 

My priority project is finishing my next Chloe Gray book, Tobias and Beau. Hopefully that will release within the next two weeks. In this book, Beau is a steady and sweet guy that’s worried he isn’t dominant enough to appeal to Tobias. Little does he know that Tobias doesn’t want a strict Daddy Dom. He just wants someone special to take care of him.

As soon as I finish that one, I’m picking back up one of two books I started in December – either  Snowflake Kisses and Warm Winter Wishes (book ten in Hobson Hills Omegas) or The Winter Mate (book one in a brand new paranormal series). I’ll decide when I sit down to write, lol. Both are calling to me, so it’s hard to say which I’ll feel like writing at any given moment. 

Besides those books, I’m also working on a co-authored book with Marianna Forrest! We’re alternating chapters and working in between our other projects, so it’s slow going, but it’s so much fun. It’s book one in a new, four books series. It’s non-shifter mpreg and follows the same rules as my Hobson Hills Omegas series. They don’t overlap, but they happen in the same book world. 

Book one is called Homemade Kisses and sets up the series and tells the story of Demarien and his high school crush, Boone.

Gah! I need to go write.

13 thoughts on “January – 2021 – Works in Progress”

  1. I fell in love with the “A Little But of Perfect” books. Those were the first m/m books that I have read. They were pawesome! (Yes, the pun was intended 😼) I look forward to more!

    • I’m still working on The Sea Witch. I’m hoping to get it finished and out by April at the latest. I’ll be starting another paranormal series too. 🙂


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