January – 2021 – Works in Progress

I hope the new year has started right for you all. I’ve gotten the writing bug and am working on a few different projects this month.  My priority project is finishing my next Chloe Gray book, Tobias and Beau. Hopefully that will release within the next two weeks. In this book, Beau is a steady … Read more

What lies ahead for 2021?

It’s the time of year that most of us start thinking about what lies ahead in the new year. It’s been hard for me to think too hard these past few months since I’ve been struggling to write. Now, though, I’m feeling that wonderful excitement starting to build. Thinking about upcoming stories and playing scenes … Read more

My Soul is Tired

At the beginning of 2020, I was going to write a book per month, keep my blog updated with monthly or bi-monthly posts, and send out monthly newsletters. Ha!  This year has been rough for a lot of people. Some have been stuck at home for months and months; some have lost their jobs; some … Read more

Writing Struggles – Progress Update

This year has turned out to be a challenge for everyone. I started with so many plans for projects and I fully intended to have a least one of my longer books out each month. Fast forward to the mid-point of the year and I now am happy to get any of my books out each … Read more

What’s happening in Hobson Hills?

The Hobson Hills Omega series is my I need to take a break and relax series to work in. Usually. I love the series and don’t plan to end it anytime soon. Last year, 2019, I wrote five novellas and four short stories in the series. This year I have at least four novellas planned. The … Read more

What’s happening in the Silver Isles?

Until the last year, as a reader, I was never really drawn to mermen. My favorite m/m romances were actually shifter mpreg books, and I have yet to write a full shifter mpreg book. *shrugs Then, I started seeing all kinds of delicious pictures of mermen on Facebook, and starting digging for m/m mermen books. … Read more

Growing as a Writer

As a kid, I always had a very vivid imagination. I would read a good book and spend hours and hours imagining myself in the story. Playing “pretend” was my absolute favorite game and I’ve never really stopped playing it. I wrote small things here and there, but I never thought it would go anywhere … Read more

Optimistic Publishing Plan for 2020 (Updated)

I have plans for 2020! Now that I’m writing full-time, I have a lot I want to accomplish. Below is my very tentative publishing plan for 2020. I’m looking forward to providing many new books for you all. Here’s to hoping I can stay on schedule, lol.  Primary Focus: The Rebel’s Mate, book 7 in the … Read more