Audio Books are Coming!

Do you like audio books? I’ll be honest. I prefer reading a story to listening to one. However, I can see the benefit to an audio book. I have a daily commute of about three hours all together. 

headphones Audiobook concept

Since publishing my first book, I’ve gotten the occasional request for audio books of The Hobson Hills Omegas series. I’m happy to announce that they will soon be available. 

“Falling for the Omega” and “Snow Kisses for my Omega” will release around the same time. I don’t have a specific date since they are in review, but they should both be available by Friday, May 10th.

“Falling for the Omega” will be narrated by Phillip Fairbanks of I chose him for the first book because of his energy. This is a special book to me, and Elijah needed someone engaging to tell his story. Below is the retail sample.

“Snow Kisses for my Omega” will be narrated by Curtis Lee. This story is a little more serious and Mr. Lee has a lovely, smooth voice. I think he was the perfect choice to tell Grey and Harper’s story. Give a listen to the sample below.

I’ve enjoyed listening to the two men spin my tales to life as I drive back and forth to work. I’m a dork, but I’ve often found myself laughing at my characters as they go along, falling in love. I really do amuse myself.


Anyway, they will be available soon on audible. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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