April 2022 Update: Dealing with Grief as a Writer

Hi! I’m still alive and writing.

I’m so sorry that I’ve been MIA. My dad passed away last July and to be honest, I’ve been struggling with it. I loved him so much. He lived with me and I took care of him, so we were close. My family is very supportive and we’ve leaned on one another quite a bit, but it’s been difficult. I had a hard time living in the house I shared with Dad, so I’m in the process of selling it. I’ve moved in with one of my brothers and his family which has helped my mental state a lot. Soon, I’ll find my new place, but until then, I’m working on learning to deal with my grief and stay creatively productive.

There is no fix-all solution to losing someone you love, and that simple realization has taken me months to learn. I feel guilty that I’m still grieving and it’s been almost a year. However, everyone grieves differently, and I’m trying to accept that.

I have been stretching my writing muscles, though. Recently, I’ve been working with another author to co-author a book which has helped quite a bit. I’m getting back to a routine and have plenty of partially finished projects to work on. I’ve also decided to avoid making hard-to-achieve goals for the year so I don’t get overwhelmed.

That said, here’s my very tentative plan for 2020:

  • Three co-authored books with the amazing Amy Bellows. These books are set in Amy’s book world of Heron Manor, but are completely stand-alone in the community of Rabbit Hollow. Each couple is a rabbit shifter and some variation of eagle shifter. Book one, Swept Away, is finished and out for pre-order now: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09TQHHFGH/
  • Two Chloe Gray booksTobias and Beau is almost finished and has been for months. I’m going to end the book this year, damn it! No, I’m not at all frustrated. Can’t you tell? The second Chloe Gray book will be part of a multi-author series in the summer and release in June. I’ll post more info when I’m able. 
  • The Sea Witch. This is another book that has haunted me. For characters and a story that I really love, they can be a pain in the ass. It’s been partially re-written for a while, and I plan on spending time on finishing it this year. It’s the last book in the Silver Isles series and I have to finish it before I start another paranormal romance.
  • Two Hobson Hills Omegas books. This is my comfort series, so I’ve spent a lot of time in this book world over the last eight months or so. I have four partially written stories for this series, and I plan on finishing two this year at the very least. The first will be The Sheriff’s Omega. It’s Sheriff McKenzie’s story. The second will be either Cain or Henry’s story. I can’t decide. 
  • Book One in the Green Solace. I had to make a hard decision about which sci-fi romance series to work on this year, and I think I will focus on finishing book one in The Green Solace which is Cas’s book. If I have time, there are two Charybdis Station books begging me to finish them.
  • “Muddy Paws and a Fae’s Wings.” This short story is another I’ve struggled with. It will release around Halloween which is what I originally planned two years go. Deep breath, C.W. Deep breath.

Thank you for being patient, but also for being excited about my books. You all are such a joy and a blessing.


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  1. I’m so sorry about your dad. It’s hard losing someone we are close too. Please don’t put yourself into a mold as to how long you are allowed to grieve. Take your time and just let your grief out organically.
    I’m a huge fan of your Hobson Hills books. I own all nine, plus the short story set. I’m looking forward to the books to come. I’ve been down lately so I just started rereading the series and it brings me such joy!


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