2021 Progress Update – Where did the Year Go?

I can’t believe it’s already June. I’ve been dealing with some intense burn out, but I swear it was March last week. I planned on updating you all when I had a release, but here we are in June.

I’ve been writing a little every day, but it’s been slow going. Here is what I’m working on with VERY tentative release dates for the next three months:

Possible June Releases:

Tobias and Beau – Currently on second draft. I still need to finish the draft, self-edit, then send to my favorite editor.

His Winter Mate – This one was a bit of a surprise. I’m about 15k words in on the first draft and I adore this book. It is book one in a new paranormal series that shares a world with The Silver Isles and Holiday Omegas. There is a very SLIM chance that it may be ready for release by the end of June, but I make no promises.

Possible July Releases:

The Sea Witch – I’m on my second draft of this one. It’s longer than my usual books and my first mmm romance. I’m happy with where it’s going, so hopefully it’ll be ready sometime in July.

When Clyde Met Hay (expanded) – I loved writing Clyde and Hay’s short story and have a good start on the expanded version. I have around four chapters left on the first draft. It should be ready by the end of July.

Possible August Releases:

One super secret Chloe Gray book will be out in August. That’s all I can say. 🙂

The Sheriff’s Omega – I am about 10k in on the first draft of this newest Hobson Hill book. It’s going well, just slow. I’m tentatively planning on working on it so it can release by August, but we’ll see.

Send me luck and happy writing vibes!


11 thoughts on “2021 Progress Update – Where did the Year Go?”

  1. Happy happy laughs and smiles when I read Hobson Hills they are my reread books I know them by heart. LOVE all the animals and kids.
    LOVE blue and his hedgehog can’t wait for Tobias and his kitty ?

    You bring laughter and joy and brings relaxation when life in general is rough so thank you for bringing me happy tears and LOVE your books keep up the awesome

  2. Yay!!! I can’t wait to read them all. I just recently re-readall your Hobson Hills series. But the book I am looking forward to the most is The Sea Witch. Thanks C.W Gray I love all your books

  3. Potentially an exciting summer. I love your books, you are one of my go to authors when I can’t find anything else appealing to read so I end up doing full rereads.

    Whilst I’m extremely excited for the releases I hope you are taking the time you need to rest. 2020/21 so far has been an awful year (feels like a decade).

    Happy writing

  4. Take your time? and I will be happy to read your books whenever they are finished. In the meantime I will reread Hobson Hills Stories and Leti?

  5. Personally, I work in healthcare with seniors and I find I am completely burnt out from all of the Covid restrictions and from the perception our country is ? percent violent, racist, bigoted, and hateful to everyone – just watch the news… or save your mental health and read your favorite authors over and over! So know your stories and worlds have helped keep me sane!
    Easier said than done for some, but don’t put pressure on yourself and remember that the goodness and vitality and joy of life is still there, we just need to tap into it and maybe hug a sloth! Or bouncing baby goat! Or bunny rabbit! *grin*

  6. So great to see your updates and progress. Your series are a joy to read. All of your stories are full of sweet and fluff which are exactly what a lot of us need now. Please do take great care of yourself and enjoy your life too!

    Keep up the great writing!

  7. Boy do I know burnout this year! I’m an EMT for a private ambulance service and it has been a very rough year. My ambulance was hit head-on by a DUI driver in October, but I’m hoping to be back at work soon. Your books, and I do mean ALL of them, have been my go-to reading while I’ve been recovering from my injuries. I’ve truly enjoyed every one of them multiple times over the last 7 months…and get something new every time I read them. Take the time you need to feel yourself again and know we are willing to wait until you feel the stories are ready! Thank you for your worlds!

  8. So glad to see your update. I love all your books and have reread Hobson Hills series 3 times. 2020 was a rough year. 2021 hasn’t been a real winner , however remaining healthy is is a real blessing. Glad to seen a maybe on the Chole Gray book. Some how your sweet take on littles has started me down a rabbit hole. There are a few littles out here that are sweet ,but very hard to find. Hope all is well and you and your family stay healthy

  9. I hope there’s is helping I know how pushy some people get about their favorite authors but I always thought I would rather have a well rested one and wait fora new book than a burned out author and no more books so take your time and we will be faithfully waiting your books are amazing


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