Unedited Excerpt of “The Engineer’s Mate”

“Beckie Boo, you can’t mean that.” Ma’s sad face filled his vid-screen. Beck Brackenstone winced at the sadness in her voice. “Ma, you have to promise me that you won’t go bothering my mate. We’re courting.” Beck’s courting skills were seriously lacking, but having Ma poke her nose into it would make things even worse. … Read more

Audio Books are Coming!

Do you like audio books? I’ll be honest. I prefer reading a story to listening to one. However, I can see the benefit to an audio book. I have a daily commute of about three hours all together.  Since publishing my first book, I’ve gotten the occasional request for audio books of The Hobson Hills … Read more

Romantic Comedy or Sci-fi Romance?

Do you like one, specific genre of m/m romance or do you like multiple genres? Is there one genre or troupe that you simply can’t stand? I tend to enjoy many genres, but it depends on my mood and my purpose for reading at that given moment. It’s just like food. Sometimes, I want comfort … Read more