“Healing the Omega” Preview

Chapter One Dean Wagner slapped his alarm clock when it blared loudly. It silenced immediately, but he didn’t get up. He was so tired after tossing and turning all night and knew it was a sign that today would be more difficult than usual. He groaned softly and sat up. Beau snuffled in his sleep, … Read more

Whatcha Working on?

In my first ever blog post, I mentioned that I’m still new to this whole writing thing. While I’m still figuring out pre-ordering and marketing campaigns, my head is full of ideas for new stories. That’s why my New Year’s resolution for 2019 was to write at least one book a month. So far, I’m … Read more

Owning Life

At this moment, where are you at in your life’s journey? Are you just starting to figure yourself out? Are you just worried about making it day to day? I’ve always been one to look to the future. The year I turned twenty-five, I had a plan. I just finished grad school with a master’s … Read more